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Comedian Steve Harvey was born on January 17, 1957. He was the youngest of five. Graduating from Glenville High School in Cleveland, he attended the University of West Virginia, admitting he wasn’t the greatest of students. He never finished, instead working a variety of jobs. He began doing standup in the late 1980s. He developed a devoted following with his down to earth, honest and blunt observations.

In 1987, he got his first stint on television as the host of Showtime at the Apollo. That success led to The Steve Harvey Show on the fledging WB network. A year later, Harvey joined his friend Cedric the Entertainer, and fellow comics D.L. Hughley and Bernie Mac for The Kings of Comedy Tour. Spike Lee directed a film version that was a box office and DVD hit. It led to a string of appearances in film. He briefly hosted Steve Harvey’s Big Time Challenge.

In 2000, while still appearing on the WB, Harvey started The Steven Harvey Morning Show on radio. It started on stations in Dallas and Los Angeles. In 2005, with new partners, Harvey jumped to national radio with WBLS in New York City. His show branched across the country, becoming the nation’s #1 radio program. Throughout, Harvey continued doing standup.

Harvey’s career took an interesting turn in 2009. His act and radio show was always inspired by his experiences, inspirations and practical advice. He released the book Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man. He went on to write other best sellers about relationships. He also launched The Steve Harvey Collection, a clothing line for both men and women. In 2010, he began hosting Family Feud. His talk show Steven Harvey is in its second season.

Harvey’s philanthropy includes The Steve Harvey Foundation to benefit public schools and disadvantaged children. He has a mentoring program for young men of color. He’s heavily involved in The Neighborhood Awards, which celebrates local businesses, schools and religious organizations.

Steve Harvey has been divorced twice. With his current marriage, he has a combined seven children. The award winning performer has amassed a net worth of $100 million.

How much is Steve Harvey’s Net Worth? $100 Million!

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